At my parents house alone eating pie and watching cartoons to hide from being an adult


let’s see now.   since I’ve neglected this tumblr, leaving it out in the rain without so much as a cardboard box for shelter, maybe it’s time for an update.

I went camping last weekend.  We roasted tons of meat on the fire and drank cheap beer.  We accidentally went on a 20 mile hike and cooled ourselves down with a refreshing cliff jump into the river a few miles before the end.  We heard the wolves howling at night.  I took a nap on a chair next to the fire.  I want to be that relaxed forever.

Next week begins the summer of working two jobs, and having little free time to see the people I love.  But this is all temporary and at least I won’t be bored and our house is all clean now.  I haven’t lost my spirit of grand adventure, it’s just [on hold] / [manifesting itself in different ways] / [all of the above].



Here is my ‘Who You Are’ (by Jessie J) a capella cover, complete with the most unattractive thumbnail to cover the earth and girl who has a passion for music. 

shit girl.  I don’t know this song but you rocked it.  check out Bethany!



give me a cool place to live this summer?


Stupid things and stupid people stressed me out today so to temporarily stifle [distract] the monster brewing in my chest I bought a bike and drank a bunch of wine.

It’s coming back so I’m going to listen to this on repeat until it sinks in.


anchoredingrace replied to your post: how to articulate this without sounding 12 

You will be greatly missed, Jamie! Love ya, take care and have fun rocking your intervenor swag in the USA haha;)

likewise on all accounts :)   keep in touch, I mean it!!


how to articulate this without sounding 12

It’s a real shame it takes moving away,

to separate the people who matter (very much) from those who couldn’t care less. 

I’m not angry and I feel more loved and respected than I even deserve, I just wish I could have made the distinction sometime last year.

This isn’t a personal attack, it’s a reminder to myself of my own ignorance, and a reminder not to waste energy on people who won’t reciprocate.

Canada, you have some really incredible people living in you, thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet them. 

I’ve learned a lot.

Bill Watterson is not dead so to celebrate his living I present a very relevant and important Calvin & Hobbes strip.

Bill Watterson is not dead so to celebrate his living I present a very relevant and important Calvin & Hobbes strip.

(Source: mission-j-frog)


I’ll be around all/most of summer :)


I made green tea and forgot about it and now the mug is full and lukewarm and too strong anyhow and even though a single sweatshirt was OK today it’s not warm enough for iced tea. 

I smell coffee but I think it’s just neurons misfiring away in inklings of excitement and bumping into my sensory cortex.  Or maybe my roommate’s making coffee but I don’t think so.

I need an adventure this summer so very badly and I think you do too.

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